Creative Me Time

$50 each or 3 flats for $140

Flats are approx 18" square and overflowing with a variety of gorgeous succulents. Pick-up in Morro Bay



After ordering, Joan will contact you about size of succulents required.

Succulent Tree Kits are SOLD OUT

Succulent Holiday Tree Kits

The kit includes a 9" moss form, a wood stand, succulents, topiary pins and instructions.  Decorations not included.

Succulent Holiday Tree Kit $65

Succulent Pumpkin Kit

You provide the pumpkin and everything is included in the kit to create a lush succulent pumpkin centerpiece.  Kit includes ten medium and 10 small fill-in succulents, moss, glue and instructions.  When the pumpkin is no longer usable, the top can be cut off and planted in soil to give the succulents a new life in another container.

Succulent Pumpkin Kit $30  

Succulent Pumpkin Party Kits

Kit includes the materials listed above for ten party goers.

Succulent Pumpkin Party Kits $250

Spaghnum Wreath Forms


We offer wreath kits, wreath forms, bulk succulents and wedding offerings.  Our succulent cuttings are very healthy, lush and gorgeous. 


9" Round OR Heart Sphagnum Moss Wreath Forms & Kits

The rigid steel frame is filled with sphagnum moss and ready to plant with your living plant material.  Comes with hanging chain and 'feet' on the back to protect surface from water damage. After adding succulents, your wreath will measure approx. 11"


Wreath Form and topiary pins $30 Morro Bay pick-up

9" ROUND Wreath Kit $55 Morro Bay pick-up

9" HEART Wreath Kit $55 Morro Bay pick-up​​​

11" Square Sphagnum Moss Wreath Kit

Create a beautiful 15" succulent wreath in less than two hours.   The kit includes more than enough gorgeous succulents (great variety), an 11" rigid steel frame sphagnum moss wreath form, topiary pins and how-to video.   The wreath comes with a hanging chain and 'feet' on the back to protect your hanging surface.  Pick-up in Morro Bay

​​Complete kit $75

Wreath with pins only $35  (LIMITED TIME SPECIAL)

11" Heart Sphagnum Moss Wreath Kit

Create a fabulous heart shaped succulent wreath in under two hours.  You won't believe how easy it is to make.  Once you've added the gorgeous succulents, your wreath will measure approximately 15".  Kit includes heart shaped sphagnum moss wreath, variety of succulents (more than enough to create a lush wreath), topiary pins and instruction video.   Wreath comes with a hanging chain and 'feet' to protect your surface.  Pick-up in Morro Bay

Complete kit $75

Wreath with pins only $35 (LIMITED TIME SPECIAL)