Creative Me Time

Join Joan Martin Fee and her entertaining nephew, Bman, in exploring ten fun craft projects and recipes to get the entire family to exercise, eat healthy and unplug.  The projects are quick and easy are made with items from around your home or inexpensive items from the craft or grocery store.  Each project includes a detailed list of what you’ll need and easy to follow how-to steps.
Projects include:
·   Friendly Monster & Egg Alien – a yummy egg and tortilla roll up that’s transformed into a cute monster & a BONUS Egg Alien
·   How to Make a Garden in Any Container – grab any container and let’s get growing
·   Dough Marbles – combine cornstarch (or bread) and glue to mix up a recipe for hours of family fun
·   Confetti Hot Dogs - colorful and delicious way to get kids to eat healthy
·   Jumpin’ Bubble Wrap Shirt - part exercise, part creativity
·   Bubble Cards – a mix of chemistry and crafting for exciting results
·   Garden Tools – tissue or napkins transform ordinary into something a gardener will dig
·   Veggie Animals & Other Veggie Things – build edible critters for your munching pleasure
·   Bubbilicious Bubbles – make giant bubble with straws and string
·   Celery Rose – stamp on anything with celery!
Length: 52 minutes including hilarious bloopers you won’t want to miss!

Make Healthy Fun! Video - $9.95 plus shipping


The Make Healthy Fun! book is 120 pages of exciting projects to motivate kids to eat healthy, exercise and unplug without them knowing it! It's all about having creative fun!

The 120 projects are fast, clever, simple and inexpensive. The supplies needed for the projects are mainly household items with a few inexpensive, readily available items from craft or grocery stores. The chapter titles are: Let's Get Started, Imagine It - Make It, Take It Outside, Go Ahead, Play With Your Food, A Little Dirt Never Hurt, Just Plain Silly, A Hunting We Will Go, Celebrate Good Times and Parents Guide.

Get the whole family involved in being healthy! It's fun. It's simple. It's so life-changing!

Make Healthy Fun! Book $ 14.95 plus shipping

Make Healthy Fun! is all about creative ways to get kids to exercise, eat healthy and unplug - without them knowing it.
Check out the projects, assemble the supplies and gather the family around for creative fun!  The projects are created mostly with things you have around your home or inexpensive items from a grocery or craft store.